Edgewater Glen Association (EGA) Website Announced

EGA Logo Explorations-04

Edgewater Glen residents formed a community group in 1972, naming it the ‘Edgewater Glen Association’ or ‘EGA’. EGA is proud to continue the mission of ‘nurturing a community spirit’ by introducing our entry into the digital world with www.edgeglen.com

Our unique, charming neighborhood has plenty to brag about and we’d like to increase communication among ourselves by highlighting the many special advantages of Edgewater Glen.

Please review our new showpiece and get back to us. We’re particularly proud of the About Us > Newsletters section that includes 97 back issues of the EGA Newsletter, back to the first issue in October of 1973!

And in the Gallery, we’re currently showcasing many of the artful flyers created by life-long resident Dick Merrill. He was a founding member of EGA, created it’s logo, served as Newsletter Editor for many years, and most recently, designed our street signs. His beautiful drawings are treasures.

We need your help though. We’re looking for photos, ideas, postings, and of course, membership in EGA and volunteers to help with our efforts.

We also encourage signing up for our EGA Listserv which offers timely, date-specific information.

It’s such a pleasure to reside in this special neighborhood and we hope to increase everyone’s enjoyment by publicizing our positive experiences and strengthening our community.