Edgewater Glen Gets 22 New Parkway Trees

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.16.27 AM

22 new large parkway trees were planted in Edgewater Glen yesterday. For the past several years EGA has taken the lead in securing replacement trees for our neighborhood. We’ve conducted an annual survey of missing trees, provided that information to the alderman and city, and worked to insure that our lost trees are replaced on a regular basis. This will be the 2nd year in a row that the Glen has received replacement trees from the city to beautify our neighborhood. Big thanks to Harry Osterman & the 48th Ward.

The trees are magnificent specimens with up to 2.5″ diameter trunks and are a wonderfully diverse assortment that includes: Burr & Heritage Oaks, Redbuds, Maples, Lindens, Hornbeam, and a European Larch.

Our parkway trees have been decimated of late due to emerald ash borer and there is always a certain amount of attrition. These new trees are essentially replacements to help to keep up the lovely ambiance of our unique neighborhood.

Of course the other benefits of trees include:
-removes greenhouse gases and release oxygen
-cools the air: one large tree can release 88 gallons of water a day, a cooling effect comparable to 5 room-size air conditioners
-muffles noise
-reduce stormwater run-off
-deflects winter winds
-reduces airborne pollution

Please help our new trees by monitoring rainfall and manually watering as needed. These root balls are close to 3′ deep, so long gentle soaks for over an hour are not too much. Move the trickling hose around the base of the trunk to hydrate the entire root system. With our sandy soil, it’s actually hard to overwater. Volunteer to help your neighbors if you know they are going on vacation, or just to make the job easier.

What a lovely gift to future residents of our leafy Glen!