Thorndale Task Force’s “Positive Loitering Walk” (Tuesday, August 2nd)


The Thorndale Task Force & Community Policing Beat 2433 will be hosting a “positive loitering walk” on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:00pm.

“While off-duty 20th and 24th District officers engage youngsters in sports activities on the Swift School playground, adults will walk the walk in the neighborhood, a strategy that contributed to reclaiming the once troubled 1100 block of Thorndale.

The Route:

Thorndale to Kenmore to Granville to Winthrop to Hollywood to Kenmore to Thorndale to Broadway.

The walk begins at 6 p.m. at Thorndale and Winthrop and will be led by three elected officials — Ald. Harry Osterman, State Sen. Heather Steans and State Rep. Kelly Cassidy — and CPS 24th District Commander Roberto Nieves. They will be accompanied by community policing officers, two Thorndale foot patrol officers, a beat car and bicycle patrol.

After positive loitering, walkers will adjourn to the Swift playlot for hot dogs contributed by Patio Beef, Polish sausages and sauerkraut from Little Corner Restaurant, soft drinks from Castle Food/Liquors and chips and bottled water from Target.” – Thorndale Task Force

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