Meet our Edgewater Glen Artists at The Edgewater Arts Festival (Sept 24-25)

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We have a number of Edgewater Glen neighbors who will be showcasing their artwork at the Edgewater Arts Festival this weekend. Be sure to stop by their booths to check out their work and say hi!

Jeanne Riley (Booth #54 – Handmade Jewelry), James Deloye (Booth #83 – Photography, Mixed Media), Tara Keating (Booth #20Painting, Mixed Media), Ana Pizarro (Booth #5Handmade Jewelry) who owns AVP Beads at 1206 Granville and Rebecca McNealy (Booth #85Photography, Pottery & Glasswork) who owns RAM Arts Studio on Broadway are also long time EAIM artists and will have booths at the fair. Also, our neighbor, Patricia Levine serves on the Board of Directors of Edgewater Artists in Motion and has played a huge role in organizing the festival this year.


In January 2009 during one of the deepest recessions in our country Rae Ann Cecrle, neighborhood resident and property owner was walking past a busy commercial district in Edgewater and was dismayed by the number of empty storefronts. Many businesses were moving elsewhere from the once bustling area of Broadway Avenue. Without leases renewed, these vacancies were beginning to negatively impact existing businesses. As an art lover and concerned business person, Rae Ann contacted the owner of the vacant storefronts and asked about installing art. With the idea that the art installations would help him rent his property quicker and bring more foot traffic to nearby businesses, the owner accepted.

Flyers were placed in windows of the empty storefronts asking for local artists. Three artists responded to the call and met at a local coffee house and thus, Edgewater Artists in Motion (EAIM) was born. The response was so great from artists wanting to show that it was natural to branch out to fairs.  The first street fair on Thorndale in 2009, then into an empty store on Thorndale (now the Jackalope Theatre), then to an empty storefront on Broadway (now Lickity Split) and now our third art fair on Granville (Broadway-Sheridan). Their mission then and now is to enhance Edgewater’s appeal as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly commercial district to assist existing business and attract new business; To showcase original art in Edgewater, for the enjoyment of the entire community; To establish Edgewater as a premier cultural destination in Chicago for the long-term benefit of the community.

In early 2017 EAIM will officially open an art gallery at 1070 W. Granville to join the growing arts district and have a permanent location for member artist to showcase their works and to help developing young artist in the community.

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  1. September 21, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Thanks for posting this! Looks like the weather will be good.:-)

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