Parkway Tree Applications are Available Through Thursday, February 25th

Parkway tree applications are available via Edgewater Environmental Coalition (EEC) & Openlands through THURSDAY FEB. 25, 2021.

To apply for a potential tree planting in your parkway this Spring, go to and request a tree. Stumps of any recently removed trees should have been already removed beforehand.

Disease and natural attrition have reduced our beautiful cooling mature tree canopy which reduces energy costs, absorbs pollutants, reduces noise, and helps with stormwater management. The aesthetic beauty of our mature tree canopy in Edgewater Glen is an invaluable asset that local realtors site as an extremely desirable amenity for our community as well.

The EGA is happy to report that we have already had 2 parkway trees planted last fall via this program and have approvals so far for 9 more trees to be planted in Edgewater Glen this spring.

We would like to see more parkway tree applications for this program to help keep our neighborhood beautiful!

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