Constitution & Bylaws



Section 1. The name of this corporation shall be the Edgewater Glen Association, Inc. (EGA).


Section 1. The EGA boundaries shall be, in the City of Chicago, in the community of Edgewater, the South side of Granville on the north, the West side of Broadway on the east, the South side of Norwood on the south, and the East side of Clark on the west.


Section 1. EGA shall be organized and conducted as a not-for-profit corporation pursuant to the laws of the State of Illinois.

Section 2. EGA shall be committed to the betterment of the area and its people, shall be designed to confront and address the problems of urban life, and shall carry out activities which nurture a positive neighborhood and community spirit.

Section 3. No part of the capital assets of EGA shall be used to benefit any individual; no part of its capital assets, if any, shall be distributed to any individual or corporation organized for profit or partisan politics if EGA should liquidate.

Section 4. EGA shall be non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-commercial.


Section 1. Resident Member – Any person(s) residing within the boundaries of EGA and who also is at least 15 years of age shall be eligible to join.

Section 2. Business/Organization – Any institution, organization, association or group with members who reside, work in or engage in activities in the community whose purpose is not partisan political activity shall be eligible to join.

Section 3. Dues At time of adoption of these bylaws dues shall be: Resident = $10 annually; Business/Organization = $25 annually. Dues amounts may be modified by a majority vote of the Board of Directors

Section 4. Membership Year: The Membership Year for members in good standing shall end one year from payment of last dues.

Section 5. Members in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board, its committees and to vote on EGA leadership and organizational Bylaws. All members who are in good standing at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting/event where voting will be held are eligible to vote.


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of eleven (11) elected members: seven (7) general members and four (4) officers. Board members shall serve for a one year term.

Section 2. The duties of the Board shall be to transact necessary business and manage and direct the ongoing affairs of the organization. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting business, making decisions, taking actions and adopting positions in the name of EGA.

Section 3. The board shall meet at least 6 times a year, and other times as the president or a majority of the Board deem necessary.

Section 4. Vacancies on the Board which occur between elections may be filled by a majority vote of the Board with a member in good standing.

Section 5. The Board may add up to two (2) additional members during the course of the year should their expertise or special skills be needed to address a new initiative or emerging issue. Such members shall only serve until the next annual election.


Section 1. The eleven (11) member Board shall be elected annually by secret vote conducted at the July EGA Garden Walk. The election date and venue may be modified by a majority vote of the Board.

Section 2. At least thirty (30) days prior to the annual election, notification of the election and request for interest in serving on the Board shall be circulated to the community in written form and through electronic media.

Section 3. – All members in good standing are eligible to run for the Board. However, no elected public or party official or candidate shall be eligible to serve on the Board or hold an office in EGA.

Section 4 . – The Board shall prepare a list of candidates and ballot of all those willing and eligible to serve on the Board prior to the annual election. The ballot shall also include provision for write-in voting.

Section 5. – A special election for the Board may be called by a request in writing from at least twenty (20) members in good standing. Following receipt of the request, the Board shall establish a time and place for the special election and notify the EGA membership in written and electronic form. A special election may be called no more than once per year.


Section 1. EGA officers shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Section 2 – Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the Board from among its membership for a one-year term at the first Board meeting following the annual election.

Section 3. – Board may fill officer vacancies should they occur during the year from among the currently elected Board members.

Section 4 – Duties of Officers:

a) The President shall develop the agenda and preside at all meetings of EGA and the Board of Directors, represent EGA with elected officials and other organizations, and shall perform other such duties as usually pertain to the office.

b) The Vice President shall assist the president in performance of his/her duties, perform other duties as assigned by the President and Board, and assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.

c) The Secretary shall keep official records of the organization including meetings of EGA and its Board, handle general correspondence, and perform other such duties as delegated.

d) The Treasurer shall receive all monies, keep a permanent record of receipts and disbursements, have custody of the checking account, and pay out funds as directed and approved by the Board. The treasurer shall present a statement of account status at each Board meeting or other times as designated.

Section 5 – All monies collected by EGA shall be placed and held in a bank depository approved by the Board of Directors. Checks to disperse Board approved funds must be signed by the Treasurer and co-signed by a 2nd Officer or Director designated by the Board.


Section 1. General meetings open to all EGA residents shall be held at least two (2) times during the year.

Section 2. Meeting dates shall be determined by the board. The Board may schedule additional general meetings as they deem necessary.

Section 3. Due notice – at least five (5) days prior- of meeting date, time, location and agenda shall be circulated to the community in written form and through electronic media.


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall create such standing committees as may be required to promote the purposes and carry out activities of EGA.

Section 2. The President with concurrence from the Board shall appoint committee chairs who must be members of the Board

Section 3. All members in good standing are eligible to serve on EGA committees.


Section 1. – Upon the recommendation of the board or request in writing from at least twenty (20) members in good standing, these bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of those present and entitled to vote at a general or special community meeting. A quorum shall consist of at least twenty (20) members in good standing and include two Board members.

Section 2. – At least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting where amendments will be considered an announcement with a summary of the changes will be distributed in written form and through electronic media to members. A copy of the full amendment will be posted on the EGA website and made available in hard copy by request at that time.


Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the conduct of EGA business in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they do not conflict with this document.


These bylaws shall be in force immediately following their approval by the EGA membership on October 5, 2015 and until such time as revised bylaws are duly approved per Article X.


Edgewater Glen Association – Constitution & Bylaws Link (PDF)