Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap – Sat. May 14, 2022

Edgewater Glen’s Spring Plant Swap will be held Saturday, May 14, 2022, from 10 am till noon in the backyard at 1420 W. Glenlake, weather permitting. The rain delay alternative is Sunday, May 15, same time & place.

Spring is a great time to thin & share hostas, ferns, and any other plants or gardening paraphernalia that you’d like to find a home for. Even if you don’t have anything to share, come and meet your gardening neighbors. We usually have leftovers that need a home. For more info contact Kim Kaulas at kaulas@rcn.com or 773-368-3949.

EGA Continues to Promote Beautiful Parkway Corners

In our efforts to beautify our neighborhood, we’d like to continue to encourage residents to adopt our very-visible parkway corners as opportunities to showcase attractive seasonal plantings. For 2022 we’re again offering 2ea. $100 grants towards pre-approved parkway corner locations to reimburse the first $100 spent on soil amendments and plants.

We particularly appreciate neighbor Gabby D., who has taken advantage of this program to beautify Hood and Glenwood’s northeast and northwest corner parkways (pictured). Plant swap treasures are also featured in these displays, but it’s mainly Gabby’s timely watering, weeding, deadheading, etc., of these spaces that keep them looking so good. Please thank her if you see her working her magic on these spaces!

For more details on our Parkway Program, please see https://edgeglen.com/parkway-corner-program/

Alderman Osterman has rejected the request for a zoning variance at 5828 N. Broadway

Alderman Harry Osterman has confirmed he will not support the zoning variance for 5828 N. Broadway thereby preventing the five-story structure from being built. The developer was seeking a zoning change from the current B1-2 zoning to the new B2-3 zoning in order to allow for the construction of a five-story residential building with 20 residential units, 11 parking spaces, and 18 bike parking spaces. 

In representing the interests of Edgewater Glen residents, the EGA strongly opposed the developer’s request and worked in conjunction with all 5 west of Broadway block clubs to unite in disputing the zoning variance. The EGA is pleased that Alderman Osterman has upheld BI-2 zoning thereby preserving the community standard for Broadway. It is greatly appreciated that Alderman Osterman listened and was so responsive to the voices of the community. 

Alderman Osterman has noted his office will host meetings and workshops beginning in January to develop a cohesive plan for the future of Broadway, including commercial and housing development, which the EGA is enthusiastic about participating in. Additional information will be shared as it’s made available.