The 44th EGA Garden Walk featuring the Gardens of East Edgewater Glen will be this Sunday, July 9th

The 44th EGA Garden Walk featuring the Gardens of East Edgewater Glen will be this Sunday, July 9th, 2017 from noon to 5 pm starting at 1420 W. Glenlake and featuring Edgewater Glen gardens in the 1200 & 1300 blocks.

Admission is $5 for adults with children free and includes a raffle ticket for gift certificates from Gethsemane Garden Center.

This is your chance to see the backyards and view the handiwork of our talented gardeners. Several spectacular locations have been newly added this year after multi-year absences.

You’ll see lots of uniquely-arranged outdoor environments which include lovely assortments of beautiful plant specimens along with koi ponds & other water features, pergolas, rain gardens, vegetables, etc. No two gardens are the same and these locations won’t be featured again until 2019!

If you’re an Edgewater Glen resident, you can also conveniently join or renew with EGA and we’ll also have EGA Board Ballots for EGA members to vote for next year’s board.

History of the Edgewater Glen Garden Walk


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The 1st EGA Garden Walk premiered on June 24, 1973 on a sunny day with over 30 residents displaying their yards. It was billed as ‘a pilot project of the EGA Conservation Committee’. ‘Strictly a local affair’ for neighbors to view each other gardens, the entry form explained that ‘no one’s expecting a Lake Forest spectacular (garden)!’

'73 Grdn Wlk in NwsltrEGA Garden Walk June 1973 (2)The ’74 Walk’ went immediately into planning stages and this event has been held annually almost every year since its inception. Pony cart rides, lemonade & hot dog stands, arts & crafts displays, magic show performances, and Glenfest have been some of the additional activities scheduled during this event over the years.

As the number of display gardens increased to about 50 & became somewhat unwieldy for attendees, in 2008 the decision was made to split the neighborhood in half along Glenwood, offering West Edgewater Glen Gardens (1400 & 1500 blocks) and East Edgewater Glen Gardens (1200 & 1300 blocks) on display in alternate years. This greatly improved the walkability of our event, along with giving the display gardens (and their gardeners!) a recuperative gap year.

Garden Walk Map 1974

Garden Walk Map 1975

Garden Walk Map 1978

For the 2011 EGA Garden Walk, a ‘poison-free’ category was added to the signage and maps to recognize those gardens that are not only beautiful, but also properties where no chemical pesticides, herbicides, weed & feed fertilizers, etc. are used.

Edgewater Artists In Motion Set To Open New Art Gallery On Granville This September

In 2016, Edgewater Artists in Motion (EAIM) purchased a commercial space in the building at 1070 W. Granville to get a permanent presence in the neighborhood and give Edgewater artists a home.

We have a number of EGA members and area residents who are involved with the organization which is excited to announce that the space – called Gallery 1070 – is currently in construction and its unveiling is expected to take place during the Edgewater Arts Festival, Sept. 23-24.

The first gallery exhibit will expose the work of EAIM’s Member Artists to the 12,000+ art lovers expected at the Festival.

Gallery 1070 will include two spaces:

  • one dedicated to group exhibits, solo shows, fundraisers, and other special arts events (public and private);
  • the other to be used for art workshops and private parties.

Artists will be able to display their work, be part of Edgewater Artists in Motion’s “exhibits season,” and rent the space to host their own art classes (or even work on their own art!)

The public will be able to enjoy art shows all year round and use the space for community and private events.

Artists interested in learning more about the Gallery and how to exhibit their work there are invited to attend their free business workshop for artists (June 22.) The workshop will focus on how to increase the visibility of your artwork online and participants will also have the chance to take a preview tour of the Gallery and learn more about EAIM’s plans for the space.

Wanted: Edgewater Glen Gardens in the 1200 & 1300 Blocks

The Edgewater Glen Garden Walk will take place Sunday, July 9, 2017. If you live on the 1200 or 1300 blocks or Norwood, Glenlake, Hood or Granville, please consider entering your garden in the Edgewater Glen Garden Walk this year.

You can register your garden by submitting it on the online form below or emailing Kim Kaulas directly at

The EGA is proud to sponsor this fund-raising event which showcases our community and the efforts of our talented gardeners. We hope you might consider joining your neighbors in this community building event by entering your garden!

If you prefer, you can mail the print Garden Walk Entry Form (PDF) below to 1353 W Norwood