2020 Edgewater Glen Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping in Edgewater Glen will start on June 11th (it begins in the 48th Ward on Tuesday, May 19) The Department of Streets and Sanitation delayed the start of this work by more than a month, in line with the Stay at Home order.

The dates scheduled for Edgewater Glen are:

June 11 & 12
July 10 & 13
Aug. 7 & 10
Sept. 4 & 8
Oct. 5 & 6
Nov. 3 & 4

You can access the full street sweeping schedule on Alderman Osterman’s website here: http://48thward.org/ward-services-2/streetsweeping/

Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap Canceled

As the weather is finally starting to warm up & we think about our outdoor spaces, EGA must, unfortunately, cancel our upcoming Spring Plant Swap scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd due to virus concerns.

We usually have a Fall Plant Swap sometime in mid-to-late September and we’ll keep you posted if we schedule this event.

The fate of the Annual Garden Walk currently scheduled for July 12th is still uncertain. We will finalize the decision regarding this event at the June 1st EGA Board Meeting and send an update.

Edgewater Glen Community Response to COVID-19

Dear Neighbors,

As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, we are working with Alderman Osterman’s Community Response Team to reach out to our elderly and disabled neighbors to ensure they have all they need. Please take a moment to reach out (via phone or email) to see if an elderly or disabled neighbor needs some help — a run to the pharmacy, a grocery run, etc.

In the coming days, the Alderman’s Office expects to have an outreach strategy in place and will be sharing more information.

Please see the information below.