Alderman Osterman has rejected the request for a zoning variance at 5828 N. Broadway

Alderman Harry Osterman has confirmed he will not support the zoning variance for 5828 N. Broadway thereby preventing the five-story structure from being built. The developer was seeking a zoning change from the current B1-2 zoning to the new B2-3 zoning in order to allow for the construction of a five-story residential building with 20 residential units, 11 parking spaces, and 18 bike parking spaces. 

In representing the interests of Edgewater Glen residents, the EGA strongly opposed the developer’s request and worked in conjunction with all 5 west of Broadway block clubs to unite in disputing the zoning variance. The EGA is pleased that Alderman Osterman has upheld BI-2 zoning thereby preserving the community standard for Broadway. It is greatly appreciated that Alderman Osterman listened and was so responsive to the voices of the community. 

Alderman Osterman has noted his office will host meetings and workshops beginning in January to develop a cohesive plan for the future of Broadway, including commercial and housing development, which the EGA is enthusiastic about participating in. Additional information will be shared as it’s made available. 

Important Alert – Nov. 2nd Zoom meeting on Proposed Zoning Change at 5828 N. Broadway

Alderman Osterman is holding a Zoom meeting to get input from the community on a proposed 5 story 20 unit development at 5828 N. Broadway that requires a zoning upgrade on Tuesday Nov, 2 at 6 PM.   The developer will make a presentation and answer questions and a vote will be taken.  The alderman will also be accepting written comments for 7 days following the meeting.   To register for the meeting go to:          

Whether you attend the zoom meeting or not we are strongly recommending that you also send a brief email comment to the alderman at: and/or harry@48thward.orgThe alderman has stated he will take both the vote at the Zoom meeting and the written comments into consideration when he makes his final decision on whether to approve the developer’s request.   


About 15 years ago EGA led a ballot initiative to downzone the west side of Broadway between Foster and Devon. The initiative passed with overwhelming support and the alderman then introduced legislation to implement its results.  The goal of the downzoning was to protect the integrity of our community by keeping taller and denser buildings from being built directly adjacent to our residential neighborhoods, restricting them to the east side of Broadway where the lots are deeper and back up on the el tracks.     

A developer is now asking for an exception to the zoning so he can build a 5 story 20 unit building at 5828 N. Broadway (see attached fact sheet below).  Under the current B1-2 zoning, which we fought hard to secure and want to continue to maintain, any new buildings can be no higher than 4 stories.   Once 1 exemption to the current zoning is granted it will only encourage other developers to use that example and try and to do the same down the road. 

All of the west Broadway block clubs (LBRC, BARGE, EPIC, EGA and ENN) are united in opposition to this zoning change.  We urge you to join the effort to stop this attempt to undermine our hard-fought zoning success by participating in the Zoom meeting on Nov. 2nd and email following the meeting.

Thank you,

The EGA Board

Fact Sheet:

EGA Joins Other Block Clubs Opposing Broadway Zoning Changes

About 15 years ago EGA led a ballot initiative to downzone the west side of Broadway between Foster and Devon. The initiative passed with overwhelming support. When a new developer asked for an exception, our neighboring block club to the south, the Broadway, Ardmore, Ridge, Glenwood, Early Association (BARGE), asked other Broadway adjacent block clubs for support. EGA was happy to sign on to a joint statement opposing zoning changes. The joint letter and results from the past referendum are posted to the link below. You can hear more about our stance at the EGA public meeting on October 11th at 6:30pm at St Gertrude’s Social Hall.