Parkway Program

Adopt-a-Parkway Corner Program

Our parkway corners are very visible public spaces at our intersecting streets and are great assets for our neighborhood when well-maintained.

Colorful displays of seasonal plantings can add to the attractiveness of our streetscape. These types of plantings require gardeners willing to make a long-term commitment to maintenance chores like weeding, watering, deadheading, etc.

The EGA would like to encourage such beautification of our parkway corners by offering reimbursement matching funds for materials via our Adopt-a-Parkway Corner program.

For 2023, EGA has initially budgeted 2ea. $100 reimbursement grants for the first $100 of materials purchased for pre-approved parkway corners.

Pre-approval is required.

Contact Kim Kaulas at for more details and\or pre-approval.