Public Safety

From time to time we get questions about public safety issues. If something bad is happening right now — you should call 911. If it’s not an emergency, the resources below have been provided by CPD, and they cover everything from when to call 911 vs 311 to package theft prevention. For general public safety concerns, you can reach out to Alan Oviedo at the Alderman’s office:

In addition, the 24th District offers several different ways to engage with the police. Regular public meetings for the 24th District Police Beat are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Firehouse on 6060 Clark St. Also, the District is offering porch talks where they meet with neighbors and discuss public safety. If you are interested in coordinating a porch talk for your block, please reach out to the 24th District at

For timely notices about public safety issues, all Edgewater Glen residents are encouraged to sign up for 48th Ward emails at

Burglary Assessment Information

Fraud Alert

Package Theft Alert

Emergency Services – Make the Right Call

Motor Vehicle Safety Tips